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What do we do? We endeavor to facilitate relationship: with Christ and each other!

So, just as your relationship with your family and friends isn't something you "do", but rather part of who you "are"; Invictus works to not be a program of doing, but rather of being - being in love with the person of Jesus Christ.

This is accomplished through focus on the 3 "things" piercing to all human hearts, regardless of background, time, or culture....

“There are three things that will never die: truth, goodness, and beauty. These are the three things we all need, and need absolutely, and know we need, and know we need absolutely. Our minds want not only some truth and some falsehood, but all truth, without limit. Our wills want not only some good and some evil, but all good, without limit. Our desires, imaginations, feelings or hearts want not just some beauty and some ugliness, but all beauty, without limit.”

 -Peter Kreeft
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